Sound Therapy

Use of Vedic Sound to restore balance in the physiology.

Rigorous scientific research by Prof. Tony Nader, MD, PhD, who was weighed in gold for his research (1998) and was crowned First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace (2000), has shown that every part of the physiology is the expression of consciousness, as available in the sounds of the ancient Vedic Literature

Organic Food Products

Grown without poisonous fertilizers and pesticides.

For example, our 100% pure organic honey—healthy, nourishing, with a delicious taste.

Research on Maharishi Honey repeatedly validates its purity and nourishing power.

We offer a variety of organic fruits and vegetables.


The precious gift of herbal Ayurvedic formulas promoting youthfulness and regeneration of the physiology.

Aroma Therapy

A large variety of aromas—100% pure organic oils, each of them creating a uniquely pleasant, uplifting and healthy influence on the mind, body, and environment.

Food Supplements

Maharishi Ayurveda herbal preparations restore balance in mind and body.

• They promote energy and vitality • remove toxins and impurities • enhance immunity • improve cardiovascular function, digestion, and metabolism, and produce beneficial effects in all areas of health.

One can choose the daily food supplement according to one’s requirement.

It is generally known that, in addition to their normal diet, everyone requires support from food supplements for prevention of disease and promotion of vitality and creativity, and improved mind-body coordination.

Programmes for
Seasonal Physiological Purification

Maharishi Spas offer deep physical relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner serenity.

This program is recommended at the start of every season so that physiological impurities accumulated in one season are not carried over to the next.

This program serves as a preventive measure for good health.

Maharishi Hospitals

The Maharishi Hospitals will include the most modern diagnostic equipment for the experts to detect the disorders even at an early stage. The patient will then be treated with a selection of the most natural and effective therapeutic approaches suitable for his individual condition, providing the benefits of the most ancient and most modern systems of health care, while avoiding the prevalence of side-effects—that are otherwise common in today’s hospitals.