A unique feature of our hospitals will be the wide range of diagnostic
and therapeutic approaches, providing the most ancient and most
modern systems of health care under one roof.

The hospital equipment will include state of the art modern diagnostic devices as well as the most ancient system of pulse diagnosis, to detect the full range of disorders—so that a total diagnosis is before us when we begin to apply the different therapies for curing the disorders.

The patient will be seen by a panel of experts from all the departments of the hospital, to examine the whole physiology from their expert angles, and on that basis the patient will be treated with a selection of the most natural and effective therapeutic approaches suitable for his individual condition. We don’t promote any particular therapy, we promote only what will be most effective.

The goal is to quickly provide relief to every patient and to restore his health while avoiding negative side-effects, and to enliven the inner intelligence of the body and strengthen the healing power in the physiology.

Patients and their families will also find highly enjoyable and enlightening displays of knowledge of health in the exhibition halls of the hospital. The fundamental display will be of Maharaja Nader Raam’s discovery of consciousness at the basis of physiology and the application of this knowledge for prevention and cure.

The patient will leave the hospital enriched and equipped with profound knowledge and simple, yet highly effective, techniques for prevention.

Our hospitals will only serve 100% pure organic food products free from poisonous chemicals. Even the design of our hospital buildings will substantially contribute to the healing process and well-being of the patients. These hospitals will be designed using the principles of architecture according to Natural Law (Sthapatya Veda), and these fortune and health-creating buildings will be free from “the sick-building syndrome.”

The diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic programs of the Maharishi Hospitals combine the benefits of age-old authenticity and validity from most modern scientific research. The therapies provided at our hospitals include:

  • Sound Therapy
  • Consciousness based Therapy
  • Yagya Therapy
    (prediction & neutralization of
    negative influences on health)
  • Physiological Purification Therapy
  • Neuro-muscular Integration and Breathing Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Alopathy
  • Homeopathy

Our hospitals fulfil the need for a comprehensive and complete system of health care, effective in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease, maintenance of health and promotion of longevity, overcoming the limitations, deficiencies and hazards of the current medical system, including its lack of effectiveness in preventive medicine and in the treatment of chronic diseases—and the prevalence of adverse side effects.

Our system of health care also promotes the health of the nation as a whole, by promoting the positive influence of even a small group of individuals practising Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying, which bring about affluence and integration of national consciousness—leading to invincibility. Hundreds of scientific researches are there to declare the authenticity of our approach.