Establishing Schools, Colleges and Universities

Now, with the discovery of the Unified Field of Natural Law by modern science, it is possible to deliver to every student an education that provides Total Knowledge and promotes total brain functioning—enlightenment—the full human potential with the ability to know anything and achieve anything. This knowledge for developing higher states of consciousness on the individual level is very specialized. Many individuals practicing together amplify the effect manifold, creating a shield of protection for the collective consciousness of the nation (like the Meissner Effect in physics), which does not allow any negativity to arise from inside or outside.


We invite educators and parents in every country to participate in our program to create schools that will be an example to other educational institutions in the country—by offering Total Knowledge to every student, because Total Knowledge is now available through the discovery of the UNIFIED FIELD by the different physical sciences—Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Biology, etc., and in every area of knowledge: law, education, health, culture and religion, administration, trade and commerce, architecture, defense, politics, and economy.

A Maharishi Central University is being created in Kansas, USA, under the guidance of Dr John Hagelin, winner of the prestigious Kilby Award, which recognises his standing as a scientist in the tradition of Einstein, Jeans, Bohr, and Eddington, and whose research on Unified Field Theory places him in the forefront of scientists of this scientific age.

The educational institutions to be established along these lines in every country will offer:

  • Enlightenment to every student through the development of Seven States of Consciousness, which we have been teaching for decades in many countries;
  • Quality leadership training—preparing the student for the most refined level of leadership with the ability to accomplish anything;
  • The ability to promote prevention-oriented, problem-free, integrated national consciousness.