Invincible Norway Trust is being established for every citizen of Norway to become a Trustee and enjoy being a Founder of Invincible Norway.
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The Invincible Norway Trust is being established to Crown the Nation with Invincibility by raising national consciousness to a high level of integration, so that positivity permeates life everywhere in the nation, and no one in our dear Norway has to face problems and failures.

In the field of EDUCATION, our program includes the establishment of Invincibility High-Schools and Colleges for Total Knowledge to every student. In the field of HEALTH, the establishment of Spas and Hospitals with prevention-oriented health care without harmful side effects. In the field of CONSTRUCTION, the program consists of building Fortune-Creating homes and places of work; and in the field of AGRICULTURE, the cultivation of organic agriculture without the use of poisonous chemicals.

Through the programs of the Invincible Norway Trust, our nation will always be healthy, wealthy and wise—Norway will be crowned with invincibility.

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